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Hey what’s happenin’ guys – actually that is the first permanent fixture that occurs in every =3 Episode with host Ray William Johnson. I’m not dissing Ray in any way, or am I about to expose his attention grabbing secrets I just thought I would name 3 things Ray does without fail in every video. And he always opens with this.

1. Hey What’s happenin’ guys

=3 is a highly successful Video series on Youtube presented by Ray William Johnson. Every Monday and Thursday he does a round up of the latest Youtube videos that have gone viral. His Vlog is one of the most popular on Youtube with nearly 2.5million subscribers and videos reaching the Youtube homepage every episode.

Featuring videos in the comedy, WTF or plain awesome categories, if it is a popular video you cannot miss then William Johnson will let you know. I don’t think I have ever come away from an =3 episode and thought the featured videos weren’t worth watching. That’s enough of a review for you to decide if you want to check out his series on Youtube so back to my weird points.

Ray William Johnson

Though I’m a fan and subscriber of the series I agree with many of his critics (commenters on Youtube) that he is a weird host. His commentary wants to be funny and entertaining but it always, without fail, turns out to be real low brow humour of mocking the individuals in the videos. This is the second permanent occurrence of every episode.

2. Dude like what the f*ck are you doing? Why would you f*c;, F*ck what the f*ck?

I don’t get offended by the constant swearing, nor the poorly mastered beeps that cover it but the fact that he should just shut up at times and let us watch the video. When he has something funny to say that is fine but just repeating and imitating the stars of the videos is just plain annoying. Talking of plain annoying;

3. I’m Ray William Johnson and I approve this message.

Signing off every video with this phrase is also annoying. Why do it Ray? I don’t get it, you are a vlogger not a presidential candidate. Maybe once or twice we could hear it and think you were mocking politicians but to repeat it every time is strange. Dear Ray, if there were two changes you could make to your videos, please stop saying this and change the record at the end. We all know it was your friends who wrote “Stalkin’ Your Mom” but we don’t care and we aren’t going to check out their music. Oh yeah and do you know what else is annoying? The comment question of the day which comes from the username BAM. OK enough, end rant.

Otherwise =3 is rather good, watch it. Leave your creative or interesting responses in the comments section belooooooow.


  1. Poop February 1, 2011 at 22:55 - Reply

    or on facebook or twitter

  2. Sahar March 22, 2011 at 03:11 - Reply

    Good article , I hate the comment question of the day.. so freaking annoying

  3. yokeRPoker July 15, 2011 at 12:53 - Reply

    Si te das cuenta ray usa todo eso al igual que en la televisión en cada cadena que miras hacen todo lo posible por atraer gente, se llama actuar. Ray es muy bueno por cierto

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