About Anphicle.com

GM-bntouch Hello, I’m Gaurav and I decided as I’m always sharing the best of the web with tips, tricks and insider info to my friends that I might as well do it properly for the web. I publish my thoughts on website reviews, news and information on the web society that affects web users. The Anphicle Review provides quality reading for other web users that use the web. Most news sites and blogs about the web and internet are targeted at people who create the web, such as designers, developers and business people and are focused on the tech and business side of the web. Anphicle represents the users of the web and as such I stand for user orientated values such as Privacy, usability and fair web access for all. I am a massive advocate for the open, decentralised web and I despise platforms that close and control the web. I write for web users of all levels, those who have been surfing for years and those who are ‘logging on to the information superhighway’ for the first time. My mum is beginning to send me emails I first discovered about 8 years ago so there are a lot of people who could benefit from the products of this site. I don’t always give positive opinions about sites and I don’t always recommend everything I post. I talk about memes and trends and will interview cewebrities, those who have made fame out of the web and maybe those that provide the web.

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If you enjoy writing about websites or exciting new memes, or perhaps you have a good idea or seen a cool website I should review then drop me an email and we’ll see what can happen.