Antoine Dodson The Bed Intruder Hero Is Cashing In On Fame

Anphicle August 10, 2010 1

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Antoine Dodson became famous at the beginning of this month for his entertaining advice to residents of Huntsville, Alabama, in a news report about a man climbing in the window of the house he shares with his sister and trying to attack her. Despite thwarting an attempted rape, Dodson was to become famous for his words used to the TV crew. The video was uploaded to Youtube and spread quickly thanks to sites like Reddit, Digg and Facebook. As is normal with many popular videos are the many tributes and remixes of the video, and catchphrases which helped the trend spread. Antoine became an instant celebrity overnight and is dealing with it really well. Not only is he cashing in on his fame with good intent, he is also giving a great lesson at how to deal with being the butt of an internet meme joke.

The original Youtube video amassed several million views before being taken down by a copyright claim by Raycom Media, presumably owners of the TV news report footage. This repost of the original has grasped 1.77million views since.

Bed Intruder Song AutoTuned

The most popular remix of the report has to be by the Youtube channel ‘Autotune The News’. In their song ‘Bed Intruder‘ they have taken many of the characters from the report and autotuned their voices, put to a catchy backing track. This video has since been played 7.1million times. Such was the success of the song, and by popular request, a re-recorded version was put on Youtube alongside a release on iTunes which is gaining popularity. This extended iTunes version has got 1.3 million views itself.

Dealing With Fame

Only a few days after the original report aired, the news crew were back at Dodson’s Huntsville home asking him what he thought of the attention he had got online. Many people would perhaps be embarrassed or uneasy at being globally famous, and under such personal circumstances but Antoine saw the opportunity to cash in on this fame instead of shying away. He quickly responded to requests for interviews from local and national media and even recorded a commercial using twists on his famous phrases about Hiding Yo Kids and Snatching Yo People Up.

Dodson made personal appearances in his native Alabama and although fake sites appeared, Antoine Dodson started his own Blog where he is currently documenting his rise to fame regularly and posting all the public appearances he is making.

Merchandise & Good Causes

Most times when a person tries to cash in on fame like this, or when somebody tries too hard to be famous I really despise them. With Antoine I wish him well for several reasons,

  • he handled fame well
  • he’s trying to raise money for his family
  • he’s trying to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes
  • he’s trying to move out the projects

Read more about Antoine Dodson Merchandise. I feel for all the laughter and enjoyment I’ve had out of the autotune remix I should buy something.


Who knows what the future holds in store for Antoine Dodson. Fame surrounding his ‘They Rapin’ Errybody Out Here’ catchphrases won’t last forever and there aren’t any noticeable talents or deals he has got. Although claiming himself he is trying to become as famous as possible, he has to do something with that fame, and for it. He has said he wants to write for the news, radio and even songwriting but will it work out alright for sustained fame? Who knows, but he has had 15 minutes of fame, and the internet had a good 15 minutes of laughter.


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