Blekko – New Search Engine To Beta Launch Soon

Anphicle July 21, 2010 0

I’ve been awaiting the arrival of Blekko for about a year now, actually that isn’t true because I had completely forgotten about it to be honest. But up popped in my feed reader the post from CEO Rich Skrenta’s blog announcing it was readying to beta launch.

That means it is invite time, and I can’t blame them for creating the hype in the way that they are to attract attention. The sad point from the fact that invites will be required is that a registration and login will be needed. Hopefully this won’t carry on to the full launch which should be completed by the end of the year.

With Yahoo and Bing completing their merge of search engines, the position for number three search engine will be thrown wide open. Blekko will be up against competitors such as Cuil and DuckDuckGo for prize of the first real alternative search engine. Or perhaps more.

What Is New From Blekko?

Blekko hasn;t released to much information about their product, though they have let out three interesting things. They have been testing for 2 and a half years and are happy with the results. That is reassuring, because when Cuil launched, it seemed to be more about the size of the index rather than the function it was performing.

Blekko has hinted at being completely open towards giving vital SEO statistics and data. This could be really interesting, not only will search keywords, keyphrases and the number of searches be made available but also factors that affect the search algorithm for web developers to be able to tweak their sites. I always thought this would be a great way for a new site to get traction. If SEO’s know how to get their site listed they will recommend that search engine.

Finally, there is a feature in Blekko called slashtags, which aim to help narrow down a search by querying in a particular site or category. Slashtags are user generated lists of respected sites relevant to the slashtag. For example if you searched [/sport keyword] it would search only sites that have been listed as credible sport websites such as fifa,, etc. This is designed to cut the crap but time will tell if it is a decent feature.

I have made a request for an invite for the public beta launch of Blekko and hopefully, if I am one of the lucky ones, I will be able to post a full review of the search engine and if it will be a threat to Google, Bing and the others. If not I will just have to stick it out until it launches publicly, but it is an exciting time for search, the most exciting time for a long time.

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