Blekko Search Still Not There Yet

Anphicle June 13, 2011 2

As I have a vested interest in web search I love to follow new search engines, particularly those such as Blekko that have the staff, funding and resources to make a real go at becoming a household search tool. But I just can’t take them serious because of one thing. Blekko still lists for the search query ‘anphicle’ instead of .

That isn’t to say I’m the most important thing to the Internet but what it does say is if this isn’t right, I can’t trust the rest of it. doesn’t exist so what else are they listing? Plus it redirects to .com of which there is no mention. And yes I know very few people are searching for ‘anphicle’. Those who know who I am know where to find me.

I wrote to Blekko on Twitter last summer about it and credit to them they replied and said they would look into it, then in November I wrote about Blekko’s public launch and mentioned the same then. Now nearly a year later it is still a problem. C’mon guys!


  1. Stephen June 20, 2011 at 20:13 - Reply

    I tried your query ‘anphicle’ on blekko and your site ‘’ came up in the number one position. Looks like the problem is fixed.

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