Ccleaner Review – Delete Internet History

Anphicle June 28, 2010 0

I use CCleaner to erase browser history data and files that are clogging up my computer. Although the major browsers have built-in web history clearing buttons I feel it does a decent job of removing all those stubborn cookies as well as cleaning up non-web related temporary files and registry files that are wasting hard drive space.

Ccleaner is short for crap cleaner but it also has some other good functions like an uninstall tool and startup blocking abilities to stop annoying programs running when you log on. It can also scan your registry for .reg’s that are pointless and need deleting. It is a free program for cleaning your computer but is quite useful as a customisable internet history cleaner.

You should regularly delete your web history for both security and performance reasons. It is best practice to set up your browser settings to the right cookie levels and how much space and time you want to store files such as .jpegs etc for. You can set up your browser to delete your browsing history on closing the program or you can temporarily use private browsing when on some sites you don’t want to record your visit to at all.

I mentioned Ccleaner was customisable and I shall say why. You can pick what sensitive browsing data you want to erase such as;

  • Temporary Internet Files
  • Cookies
  • History of Visited Sites
  • Recent URLS
  • Download History
  • Internet Cache
  • Saved Form Data, such as email and addresses
  • website icons

It won’t delete your favorites or browser settings, you will have to make changes to these manually. Ccleaner doesn’t just restrict it self to internet browser applications, it can clean your entire hard drive of unwanted rubbish.

I am typing this as I give ccleaner a run for the first time in about a month. Although I will have to re-enter all those URLs and passwords next time I visit them it is worth doing it to empty the cookie jar and start a fresh. I always like to clean my computer before defragging the hard drive too. In this session it has removed just under 1GB of mainly internet browsing history data that need to be removed. That is a lot of hard drive space, it would be huge if I never cleaned my machine at all.

So in conclusion I am recommending you should keep your computer wiped, especially your internet history as it can be used against you where a security loophole is present. This is especially true on sites where you would stay logged in and another site has hacked access to your cookies. Give ccleaner a go to delete the history.

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