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Anphicle September 27, 2010 0

Dear Celebrities on Twitter, how vain can you get? Following Celebrities on Twitter is also really pathetic thinking about it.

There’s an issue here that really bugs me about famous people being on Twitter and it is the ignorance of some who don’t want to deal with fame. Fair enough if I had 5 million followers I don’t think I’d be able or want to reply to all personal messages and follow them as well but there should be at least some interaction. I will now pick on someone not meaning to make a personal attack on him but he has become famous for his use of Twitter and makes a good example.

@Conan O’Brien

Coco is a typical example of the (perhaps forced) ignorance of the word Social. This guy might as well be talking to a brick wall for what he gets out of Twitter. He famously follows just one random person and has declared he won’t follow anybody else. Looking at his profile page it’s easy to see he has spoken to nobody too, unless he DM’s which nobody does. This is unidirectional communication, which is not being social.

As I’ve already said I can’t really expect him to interact with 1.6million people but that leads me back to the question, what is he doing on Twitter? Answer: ‘ME, ME, ME’. If he wants to communicate like this he should stick to TV. I once saw an episode of Conan and from what I remember he acts very ‘Me, ME, ME!’ on TV too. In fact, I’ve just realised writing this why he is on Twitter. Perhaps he needs a mirror to Tweet into whilst pointing at it and clicking his cheeks.

@BritneySpears is another one with the same kind of ignorance as Coco but she currently follows over 400,000 people. No doubt this number is climbing up at the rate Twitter allows one to auto-follow up to the 6million followers she has. Is she going to read each of those Tweets?

Not wanting to sound like a hypocrite, I must say I follow 2 tweeps with verified accounts, but 2 tweeps who use Twitter properly. @Glinner, introduced me to Twitter, and @ProfBrianCox because I’m into astronomy and TV. Both of these gents get Twitter, in that they use it as a communication tool. Though they don’t have as many followers as Coco, 65,000 and 117,000 respectively are still massive amounts as to not be able to follow everybody, yet they still try. Glinner follows 1200 people (which is far too many), and the Prof 64 (reasonable). Looking at both profiles they both engage with their followers, or fans as the case may be. While Prof may tweet mainly about his ventures, Glinner will tweet great links, news and play trending games. This is using Twitter in the way it was designed, instead of posting self satisfying messages.

So Why Follow Ignorant Celebrities on Twitter?

Big question, other than to keep up with their work and products, I can understand that fully. But why follow the daily intricacies or micro-opinions of a famous person who either doesn’t want to interact or is too big to invite interactions. Am I unique in considering a Social Network to be a two-way thing? A lot of people say that Twitter is for vain people full stop, but for me it is the simplest way of communicating. The concise nature of it allows you to keep fully up to speed with your interests and contacts. To me at least it is not for stroking egos.

Kudos goes to big Celebrities such as @aplusk who also ‘gets’ Twitter. There are probably more though I have better things to do then search them out.

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