Crowd Sourced Legal Action

Anphicle December 16, 2010 0

New on my list of website ideas to make me rich and famous is a Crowd Sourced Legal Action service and you are in on it. Basically it would be a mash up of Kickstarter crowd funding, donations such as JustGiving, petitions and Facebook pages. This service however allows a legal case to be compiled with many donations from people who care about seeing justice served. Beyond the donations it will also allow people with a deep interest but without resources to collaborate. Sadly I can’t really think of a good example for this right now, or explain it in a better way but I will try.

Although successful in raising funds himself recently, consider Paul Chamber’s recent twitterjoketrial High Court appeal (of the appeal). Most people agreed that his criminal record was despicable. He managed to secure donations for further legal appeals but only thanks to the celebrity publicists who spread his campaign. Crowd sourced legal action would have been great for this.

Consider also when corporations fail to deliver a product or service leaving many customers out of pocket. They could use our service to not only get legal information, but to collaborate and find others who have been swindled by the same company and get justice. It would be like the social network arm of BBC’s Watchdog.

If it grew to the size Facebook is now for example, it could even hold Governments to account. Not only would it be a platform to serve justice but the consensus of a campaign would also help individuals and businesses shape policy.

I’ll be honest I started writing this post as soon as I thought of the idea, but there are possibilities. Are you in or out?

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