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Where shall I go on Holiday? That is one of life’s most un-answerable questions. It is a very personal decision that needs to be tailored to your interests, budget and timing. But there is such a website that takes the hard work out of choosing a holiday – Wanderfly. You input your particulars and it will spew out a list of recommended destinations. Simples.

Using Wanderfly is easy. Starting from the homepage you put in your departure point, rough budget, when and for how long and maybe a hint of a destination. Leave it as ‘anywhere’ for random globe trotting or narrow down your results to a continent, country or region. The clever bit is choosing what you want out of the holiday in the interests.

Wanderfly Homepage

Back to that annoying question you will have asked your colleagues, friends or family. How many of the people you asked (that cared) would have broken down what you want from a holiday into this many interests? Unless they were a clued up travel agent I’d imagine not many. You can choose as many as you want, so if you are a Family looking for Spa treatment and Romance, then tailor the holiday finder to your needs. I won’t comment on whether the holiday choices are any good or not because i) that would take forever, and ii) the whole point is that it recommends random places. If I was to disagree there would be no point using it.

The default results layout is one destination per page, but you can view all the suggestions by clicking the grid icon in the top-right corner. Each single result page has a description and more information, and there are flight and hotel options which I should imagine are more suitable for a US audience. At the bottom of the page are some activities for your destination and interests.

All in all, Wanderfly does a good job at recommending a long list of holiday ideas for you to choose from. But now onto the downside to Wanderfly, the inane obsession with being Social.

Just Let Me Choose a Holiday!

It bugs me when otherwise great websites like this have an option of signing in. Why do people go to the trouble of giving away email addresses, having to remember another password and filling in another bio just to get holiday recommendations? Wanderfly however signs you in with your Facebook account so you can have the troubling question – ‘Do you have friends around Monterrey, Mexico?’ – answered. Wanderfly – I think I’d know. This is exactly the kind of thing that forced me off Facebook. Nobody cares in the slightest that ‘John is thinking about going to Calgary with Wanderfly! Find out where you should go!’.

Yes I am picking on Wanderfly for doing what every site on the internet seems to be doing. And I also know full well the reason why they are doing it – access to Facebook users lives and free promo. But as the first line in this article says, choosing where to go on holiday is a very personal thing. There is no need to broadcast it to the world. Nobody cares about your holiday photos let alone a decision you are making. And the reason I can’t let it go is.. look how much screen estate Facebook takes over.

Wanderfly Screenshot

I first stumbled on Wanderfly about Christmas but at the beginning of this month I heard they had raised $1million. When a site gets that kind of investment it means the function of the site will soon become secondary to capital gain through Facebookyisation and the fact they need to raise at least $1million. Shame.

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