Does Google Know Where Your Wireless Router Is?

Anphicle May 5, 2011 0

Another site I found myself on recently can tell you if Google knows where your WiFi Router lives. They know this because they scanned for, recorded and kept the geolocation of your Wireless Router ‘accidentally’ whilst taking pictures of your home for Streetview, both without your permission. If you weren’t aware of the activities of the privacy ignorant bastards start here.

You can check on the WiFi Tracker if your router has been recorded. You will need to find the MAC address of your wireless router by either logging in or looking underneath or on the back of it where it may be printed, it’ll look something like 00:11:24:EC:72:CF.

I tried searching for mine though it did not return anything, but this doesn’t mean it wasn’t recorded. The legalities of the process is still a big issue in the UK it may mean they don’t want to make the data available for public use yet. If you are Irish, Australian or German or live in any country where privacy is respected you can rest assured that your Government told Google to delete the data.

Another site designed for Android phones will still work finding a router even though it is aimed at Android phones with Google Maps installed which conveniently send Google the location and WiFi data using the users data plan. Privacy and wallet hit in the same blow, how nice!

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