How To Downgrade Spotify

Anphicle April 4, 2011 0

You may wish to downgrade your Spotify account if the price is too much or if you just aren’t benefiting from the features of Premium or Unlimited. It is possible but like most unsubscribe or downgrade situations where the service loses income they don’t make it that obvious. Actually, credit to Spotify it is relatively easy compared to many websites, they just use incorrect terminology. Try navigating Paypal subscriptions or removing a Facebook account (impossible).

You can downgrade Spotify at any time without worrying about how much time you have in your current month. You will only receive the lower package at the end of your subscription. But if you wanted to upgrade to Premium your account type will be converted instantly but only give you half as much time until your renewal. This is because the price of the upgrade is roughly double that of Unlimited – clever.

Anyway, if you want to downgrade from Spotify Premium to Unlimited or Open or even if you want to upgrade follow these steps.

  • From within Spotify go to Help > Your Account. A web browser window will open and take you straight to the page with no login. Alternatively, go to and login.
  • Under Subscription Status click on Manage subscriptions and payments.
  • Again under subscription status, click on Cancellation page. You don’t have to cancel your entire account and can downgrade here.
  • If you are changing from Premium to Unlimited there is an orangey box with a big button saying Change to Spotify Unlimited. Click that.

    Downgrade Spotify package

  • If you are changing to Spotify Open, click the top option in the list of reasons why you are cancelling, then at the bottom click cancel subscription.

So why would you want to downgrade the best music streaming service going? Let me know in the comments section below. Or on Facebook or Twitter.

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