Empire Avenue Review; Go Public With Your Public Self

Anphicle November 23, 2010 0

Empire Avenue is; actually I am having trouble describing what Empire Avenue is so here goes. It is a social media Stock Exchange where you, or a business with social media presence are publicly traded. Your share price is defined on how much you interact on social networks, who else you invest in and how influential you are across the board. When you register you connect up your accounts from Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and Youtube and any blogs you run, whether self hosted, a Tumblog, WordPress, Posterous account or anything with an RSS feed.

Playing Empire Avenue is a really self satisfying game for the first few days as you watch your share price slowly rise. Watching the scrolling ticker at the top with the minute price movements of your shares makes you feel like a day trader. But after a few days that excitement dies away leaving a burning question, possibly one you may already have reading this post.

What Is The Point In Empire Avenue?

I found Empire Avenue was a great way to find people to follow on Twitter, the only social network I use that can be added. I am now following people from my local area that I met in the groups in Empire Avenue but would not have found on Twitter. I also found some traffic from my blog had come from EA, presumably as people invested in me they were curious as to what I had a site for. Maybe some hardcore investors were researching if I was a good buy or not.

But those are more like side effects, the real purpose of Empire Avenue is to promote yourself in shameless selfishness. The whole game is about measuring personal worth and influence, it is a stock exchange after all. But what do you do after you have built up all those Eaves, the markets currency? In the Shop you can upgrade your account or post adverts to gain even more attention, but you can also spend Eaves on real world items which currently include hotel stays and video games. I read businesses will be able to offer discounts to proficient users of Empire Avenue much like mayors of Foursquare should do today. I say should do because I have yet to find a business that actually offers Foursquare discounts.

How To Get Rich On Empire Avenue

To ‘win‘ you can sell yourself and invest in others. To command a high share price you must have active accounts on all the major social networks and sustained influence with them as well. That is, have many friends and be interactive on them too. A blog can help too. As an investor you have to invest at the right time in people who are good at playing the social game. You get paid dividends while you keep the shares until you sell them before you think the price will fall.
But it’s still only a game.

Empire Avenue Investment Graph

I like Empire Avenue because I really do love unique ideas but for me the appeal is too short term. OK you can have a billion Eaves, or a thousand investors but do people really care? I should, as a shameless promoter of a blog, be more into the game but I worry the other users are like Twitter followers, who is really paying attention?
It is another site I am interested in that is still in Beta development, (i.e the developers don’t want to be fully responsible if there is a flaw in it), but I don’t think there is too much to add. It is fun for a while but then so easily forgettable – but give it a try if you are a social media whore, or have something to promote. In fact I’m going to keep playing so check me out and invest! My Ticker is ANPH.

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