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Anphicle November 6, 2010 2

I planned to write full reviews of three Search Engines; Yandex, Yippy and Scroogle. But as my list has now reached 50 posts to prepare I’m going to review these 3 obscure search engines with one stone. We have all heard of Google, Bing and Yahoo. Blekko’s public launch this week has seen lots of publicity and I make no attempts to hide my love for DuckDuckGo Review, so here are 3 more web search engines you might like to try.


Yandex is the worldwide arm of an already very successful Russian Search Engine that has been serving Russia’s search queries since the 90’s. Attracting 50 million users a month makes Yandex.ru the most visited site in Russia, against Googles .ru and .com taking 4th and 5th spot respectively. Also popular in Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, it is now targeting global growth by using it’s technologies to launch search services in various languages, with English being the lucrative online market.


As for relevancy Yandex scores well, there is little doubt you won’t hit the topic there or thereabouts. The index is kept relatively up to date but not comparable to Google for news or events. There are some ‘zero click’ information results for queries like [time in london] or [my IP address], though not as many goodies as DuckDuckGo. The most annoying part of Yandex for me is the new window that opens clicking on each search result. This can be done with a middle click and should not be enforced.

Granted – Yandex.com is in Alpha version but there isn’t too much to get excited about, but I will be keeping an eye on them to see where they go.

Yippy Search

Though technically a Metasearch Engine (it gets its results by using other search engines), I’ve included Yippy here as it belongs to a portal of tools a web user may be interested in such as mail, games, videos etc. Yippy claims to be a family friendly site and respective of privacy. Unlike Google they don’t store your history, search terms or email which is a plus point, but the conservative family friendly image has affected search quality. They claim 5 million ‘undesirable’ websites have been blocked from its index to protect sensitive searchers. A search for [alcohol] returns results of alcoholics anonymous groups rather than say, a Wikipedia page on what alcohol is for example. So Yippy is no good for people looking for information but may be of interest to parents of laptop owning children.


Scroogle too isn’t technically a search engine, rather as the name suggests it lets you Screw Google! That means you can search Google anonymously, protecting you from identifiably saved search history and those annoying new location suggestions or sponsored listings. There is even a secure socket option if you feel totally unsecure. Though Scroogle looks really Web 1.0 it works great and relies wholely on donations. What it lacks is a search field on its homepage so you have to navigate to the search page, unhelpfully called Scroogle Scraper. Scroogle works best when added to your browser to replace in built Googles and Bings. A nice touch though is the anti-Google pictures that randomly appear. Search results are unsuprisingly the same as Google so if you want some privacy it is a great alternative.

Screw Google


  1. Tim November 12, 2010 at 05:46 - Reply

    I didn’t see the results you did on yippy.com – subject “alcohol”. I got solid results and they were put into subcategories or clouds to make information for heavy research more accessible for quick capture. The big thing about Yippy.com is that you don’t have to look at pages and pages of junk with the cloud function breaking down the search returns into “clouds” saves me tons of time.

    I like reading your stuff, but your grade on Yippy is DEAD WRONG. I think you should take more time looking at what it is rather than what it does for one search and then write a report that has little emphasis on fact.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • Anphicle November 12, 2010 at 11:22 - Reply

      I’ll be honest I didn’t give Yippy a full trial like other search engines I take a look at. Perhaps I’ll give it a run for a week or two as my default Search Engine and write a full piece. Thanks for pointing that out though.

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