How many IPv6 addresses can there be? Lots

Anphicle June 14, 2011 0

Here is a remarkable fact but first guess how many IPv6 addresses can there be? Scroll down for the answer but here is the background. The IPv4 address system which is used by most people has run out of assignable addresses. The IP address that identifies you on the Internet looks like There’s a possibility of 4.3 billion addresses (256*256*256*256). So there are well over that many devices on the Internet considering many devices share an IP address. They probably laughed when the powers that be said 4.3 billion. “That will last forever!”

The new IPv6 system was designed so it will be a very, very, long time until the problem of running out happens again and it isn’t a simple number so listen closely.

There will be 340,282,366,920,938,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 IPv6 addresses.

If you want a run down of how to say that easily it is 340 undecillion, 282 decillion, 366 nonillion, 920 octillion, 938 septillion, 463 sextillion, 463 quintillion, 374 quadrillion, 607 trillion, 431 billion, 768 million, 211 thousand and 456.

If you want some relativity to that number check out these links.

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