Facebook Questions First Question Is Why?

Anphicle July 30, 2010 0

Facebook is beginning to role out its new cloned feature Facebook Questions, a Yahoo Answers style user generated content farm. But it won’t exactly work well even if they do open up to search engines and the public to view because Facebook is different to the other question and answer services.

Yahoo Answers works well because it has a very public user base. All questions are thrown out into the potential eye of everybody. Facebook’s questions, assuming they adhere to the privacy savvy user base, should only be shared amongst friends. That narrows down the likelihood of a decent answer from several tens of millions to your friend count.

The questions may be open to everybody in which case the 4/5ths of users with secure profiles won’t be protected from the exposure, unless anonymity is an option, in which case the questions will be of a poor standard.

Quora works well because it matches experience, authority and professional insight into the answers, Facebook I am assuming wouldn’t.

Having written this blog post I know I shouldn’t comment any further. I don’t use Facebook and certainly wouldn’t add any apps even those by the company itself. So I will shut up with my pedestal opininons.

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