QuickPlug: Find Top Websites with Mashtop

Anphicle July 25, 2011 0

I have just discovered a new social bookmarking site called Mashtop where you can find top websites by category of your choice.

It works well because the Mashtop community votes on each submitted link. You can browse via category and by popularity over various periods of time. Though it sounds similar to Reddit or Digg you can’t downvote or bury links and I can tell you how frustrating it is trying to share links that get buried! You can either be a power browser and view all links to find the best ones or just take the recommendations of others if you are short of time.

What I like about Mashtop is that you don’t have to be logged in to benefit from it. You can still vote anonymously and contribute to the system. Obviously you have to be logged in to comment on links.

So if you are sick of the reposts on Reddit, the lack of news on Google News and hate the new Digg, then try Mashtop. Or try it even if you’ve never heard of those other sites.

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