Flattr, The Money & Me: July

Anphicle August 1, 2010 4

A few weeks ago I wrote openly about my experiences with Flattr and how much revenue I made in June. The only down point to the service I made was the lack of anything to Flattr, though some people thought that as I only made 0.18c I was not impressed with the idea. My mistake was to write the post for the benefit of people who hadn’t joined but write a headline to appeal to Flattrers. So to be clear, it isn’t just about the money made! I really want Flattr to be a great content discovery service too, even if that isn’t the developers intention. But July was different and my opinion has changed so I will talk you through it.

What I Flattred

I Flattrd about 20 things in July each of which will receive about 10cents from me. (Flattr is only currently giving me data on the last 10 clicks I made and I can’t remember much about those beforehand). About 5 votes I made were things I discovered away from Flattr, which is really great to see of the spread and effect the service is having in the space of one month (and still in beta). I even saw the badge on the occasional thing I didn’t want to Flattr. I think it’s rude on the people who really deserve it to upvote everybody with a badge.

What was also good to see was the range of topics this month. Although lots of things I clicked were about Flattr there was definitely a better range of topics to discover this month. It would be interesting if they released figures on how many users are joining month on month. My favourite thing to do is check the new things with 0 votes as these are often the random subjects.

What I Earned

Funnily enough my post about Flattr received the most clicks. This was because I took my own advice and wrote a good attention grabbing headline and traffic was great. The downside being traffic was great because the post made it to the Flattr homepage and hung there for about a week. Personally I am happy for this for obvious reasons though it’s odd that a post about Flattr makes it to the Flattr homepage. Just like I said last month it’s a certain type of subject that appeals to the current Flattr population. I do however agree with the comments I got and expect this to change soon. See below.

Nearly all my other things were Flattrd as well but what was really inspiring was one or two things I didn’t submit personally also got Flattrd. This is more important to me than the eventual revenue as it encourages me to keep posting as people liked what they read. It may also mean somebody found my blog from an alternative source but was registered.

Last month I was a bit sarcastic and downhearted about the money I made though commenters were right – I wasn’t going to get mega-money for blog posts that anybody can write. This month I have been shocked to receive waaaay more than I was expecting and from a total of 27 clicks I made E12.62. In real money that is over 10GBP, in other toy money it is US$16.50. To anybody who Flattrd me last month, thank you, and I must repeat being ‘liked’ is a lot more inspiring than the money given. I am going to transfer that revenue into my means to keep it in the Flattr community.

What Will August Hold?

Flattr continues to gain attention and is spreading which is great. The new API and techie stuff mentioned on the Flattr blog should, (as in: it’s a crime not to), be picked up by major sites with large user bases and then the fun really starts. Personally I’ve already received 2 Flattrs within hours of the month starting and have already made my first Flat. All in all looking good.


So do I expect to still be using Flattr in a year? At this rate: Yes. I should remind myself it is still brand new and still in beta. When it opens up it will be really cool. Thanks again for all the encouragement and if anybody needs an invite just make a request below.


  1. Marc August 25, 2010 at 23:11 - Reply

    Hi, have you tried atokens.com? What are you thoughts?

    • Anphicle August 26, 2010 at 00:46 - Reply

      Nope, I have never heard of it. Sadly this is one area where a monopoly of a userbase will benefit users, so you have to go where the people are. Thanks for pointing it out though.

  2. Jack December 11, 2010 at 11:21 - Reply

    Well, I forgot to type the capture in and my long comment got lost. It was quite a rant. Either way, great article. Your update on money earned was a great boost!! I look forward to the networking potential of flattr.com. Linux developers, Alternative media, independent artists…will be huge.

    We need to frame the community ourselves rather than waiting on Flattr or natural trickle in. We need to email websites and ask them to join.

    I’ll work on an article about this for my site (as people keep writing, those are the articles getting the most flattr’s right now).

    Check out my site!

    • Anphicle December 11, 2010 at 15:24 - Reply

      I hear you and feel your pain with the Captchas, just disabled them.

      Thanks for your kind words, I’m currently in my last month of prepared funds and I am wondering whether to keep going with Flattr. Not because nobody is Flattring my things but mainly because I can’t find things to Flattr. My biggest problem is with Flattr itself not being a great tool for finding things. Clicking or searching for something returns old things and often in other languages than my selected things. It is a funny one Flattr.

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