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Anphicle October 26, 2010 1

Unusually for discovering a new website, I first saw Geosweep being advertising on TV and was instantly interested in finding out more. It is a tech savvy lottery, but don’t let them hear you use the L word, the tag line is that Geosweep is the ‘unlottery’. Against the National Lottery, the odds of winning a Geosweep prize are better, it is cheaper and it is a more fun and interesting way to gamble.

The game is a map of Britain divided into millions of squares which are called ‘Geos’. You pay to occupy a Geo and if yours is chosen at random in the daily draw you win £1million. Obviously until all squares are taken there isn’t always going to be a jackpot winner, so all the occupied Geos are entered into a second Guaranteed draw where there is always a winner of £1000. There is a 2nd prize too shared by any occupiers of the winning Geos 100 immediate neighbours. For more watch this video about how to play Geosweep.


It’s a UK website too! Which is always nice to see, especially when a clever idea is unique. Geosweep seem quite proud of this too“We’re registered in the UK and pay our taxes here. That’s rare”. I can’t argue with that. The game currently only covers Britain but not Northern Ireland, there is a great explanation for this though in the FAQ“Google Maps is great… but some of the satellite imaging is a bit cloudy, actually covered in clouds”. Fair enough, nobody wants to pick a cloud.

Geosweep V The National Lottery

One Geo costs £3 for 30 days, with 2 draws per day and the chance of being in the 2nd prize-zone of (be a neighbour of) a winning Geo. One National Lottery line on one draw a week would cost £4 for the same-ish period of time, so the chances of winning something are higher.

The odds of winning the Geosweep Million are 1 in 57,868,776 per Geo, the odds of getting 6 lottery numbers are 1 in 13,983,816. For one Geo you get seven draws for 70p a week compared to 1 Lottery draw at £1 per week. So the odds of a Geosweep win are now 1 in 8,266,968.

The Geosweep FAQ page says if you equal a £1 per lottery draw spend, you have a 1 in 6 million chance of winning the unshared, guaranteed £1million prize. Though the jackpot may be higher, the prize money may be shared by multiple winners.

Tl;dr: Geosweep is cheaper, more likely to win but may be a lower prize than the Lottery.


Privacy Implacations

At first I worried about choosing my house on Geosweep, but the only information shared is your username and an optional ‘why you chose this geo’ field. If you do choose your house, don’t put your full name or phone number as your username but that should go without saying.

Choosing a Geo Tips

My top tip is to choose a Geo in a popular area to increase chances of winning a 2nd prize in the guaranteed winner sweep. Only three days ago the winner was in the popular area of Canary Wharf, London and many people got a share of the seconds.

Otherwise the location of your Geo is basically a novelty and has no weight on whether you will win the Geosweep at all. Some squares are bigger than others too, this has no noticeable influence either.

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