Ghostery Blocks Web User Tracking

Anphicle July 23, 2011 0

If you are worried about 3rd parties tracking your web browsing habits then there is a browser extension you can use to stop people collecting data about you without your permission. Ghostery is a totally cost and worry free extension available for all 5 major browsers; Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Remember how Adblock Plus reinvigorated web surfing? That is Ghostery now!

I swear by Ghostery and couldn’t live without it. Amongst other things it blocks 3rd party visitor trackers that run behind the scenes that I am most happy about. Not necessarily analytics products, which it does also block, but those ‘market research’ companies that are on so many web sites they can follow so many people from site-to-site and build profiles on them such as what products they buy, what sites they surf and how they surf about it.

OK your browser may have a ‘Private Browsing’ or ‘Incognito’ mode that will block things like that but Ghostery also blocks popular annoying advert networks and ‘Like’, ‘Tweet’ and ‘Share’ buttons. It makes surfing so much more enjoyable and gives you the sense of privacy and surfing freedom of the olden days.

Is it really necessary? Just try it for a few sites with the alert bubble and you will soon see how many people can snoop on you without you knowing. I have just visited a page on and Ghostery blocked 14 third parties that would otherwise have known as much about me as makeuseof, only I wouldn’t know that they were looking at me. Not only is it useful for privacy, it also makes page loading quicker and therefore cheaper if you are paying for bandwidth.

Stop web tracking

If you do decide to install Ghostery you have to set it up which only takes a few seconds but asks you if you want to send data to them. I don’t know exactly what this is for but kind of defeats the purpose of the plugin in the first place, but it is entirely up to you.

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