Google +1 Fail Due To Wiser Internet Users?

Anphicle June 22, 2011 0

Since Google launched the ‘+1′ button for websites a few weeks ago Webmasters and bloggers have squeezed it in to their pages everywhere thinking that it would become the new Facebook Like. Everybody would click this button because ‘hey it’s Google right?’ But it is becoming clear nobody wants to +1 and I’ve thought why.

Google +1

Filter Bubble

Since Eli Pariser’s Ted talk and publicising of the Filter Bubble I can’t fail to see a mention of filters, personalisation and algorithms in my daily Internet diet. Is the reason nobody is +1’ing because people are getting wiser to the sad fact that one small click will taint their futures forever? The problem is that the programmers who come up with these personalisation algorithms don’t notice that we may like a page but not want to be associated with that topic forever. And ever.

We all learnt from Facebook that every click has consequences and we don’t want to do the same with Google.

Google Social Too

With the exception of Youtube (social tacked on to function), Google social products generally fail. Remember Orkut, Wave, Buzz, Profiles? Google isn’t the social provider of choice and the critical thing that a social network needs is a society. So, we don’t get anything out of +1’ing anything.

I’ve had a +1 button on every page since they became widely available and 4,000 global visitors later – not one single recommendation. This doesn’t dishearten me one bit because I haven’t +1’ed a single page and don’t intend too, just like Facebook likes. The single underlying reason why not? I know the price of clicking these buttons. I think the average web user is beginning to understand the consequences too.

If you disagree with me, click the +1 top right.

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