Hide Compilation Albums on Spotify Artist Pages

Anphicle August 4, 2011 0

If like me you enjoy listening to an artists entire catalogue of songs on Spotify on shuffle you will probably also get mighty annoyed off when other artists play because they happen to appear on a compilation album with your chosen artist. Spotify lacks the simple button to get rid of this but here is a simple hack how to remove other artists from your artist’s playlist.

  1. Hit CTRL-F or click Edit > Filter
  2. Type your artist/band’s name
  3. Double click a song to refresh the playlist

I call this a hack because you have to leave that filter open, i.e don’t click done. I also call it a hack because as I said earlier, there should be an option to hide other artists. That is what you want from an artist’s discography page.

Ironically, if irony is involved here, I emailed Spotify asking if there was a way to do this about 20 minutes before working it out for myself. Hopefully they will get the message that this would be required, along with these features Spotify needs.

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