How Much Money I Made On Flattr in June

Anphicle July 12, 2010 6

Update: I have written a new post about how much money I made on Flattr in July.

Last month I wrote a review of Flattr, the new social donation micropayments service that aims to bring morality, optional purchasing or a new revenue method to web content consumption and publication in the 20teens. The service is still in beta – granted, but I thought I would be bold and publish what generated for the second half of the month of June.

What I Gave

First, as under Flattr’s rules you are required to spend to accumulate, I shall outline what I spent. After adding some funds to my account by PayPal, I lowered my monthly spend to the minimum EUR2. As I joined on the 15th of June which is exactly half way, Flattr automatically calculated that it is only fair I spend half that amount, so my outgoings for the 15 and a half days was EUR1.01c. I’ll be honest I didn’t find that many interesting things to Flattr. I found 3 things via the Flattr homepage that sort of interested me and I Flattred them because it was irrelevant to my monthly spending who received what or how much. The people I Flattred each received EUR0.34cents from me, plus whatever other people gave them.

What I Earned

In the same 16 days I received 4 clicks on my ‘things’, 3 of which were about Flattr and so got a thumbs up from Flattr developers and associated people. The amazing total I received for all 4 likes was 18cents. That’s an average donation from each of my flattrers of 4.25cents each.


I should write better headlines, Flattrs are currently sold on the headline, as readers from search traffic or other sources are not registered on Flattr. The headline given to each thing is the only shop window. Currently, on the homepage at the moment the things with no likes at the moment have these headlines:

  • New Website
  • emwhitespace
  • Waiting, Waiting, Waiting…

Nobody is likely to click on any of these. Writing an attention grabbing headline such as ’10 Facts Every Westerner Should Know About The Middle East’ also lets people know the subject of the thing as well as grabbing attention.

Currently, Flattr is full of a certain type of person, nerds of The Pirate Bay type. Talking about tech or copyright law is a surefire way to get traffic. ‘’ has 77 Flattrs and is listed high up on the homepage. His site about civil privacy and the web is exactly the kind of things that appeal to Flattr users, hence the high number of likes. A post in the ‘Newest things on Flattr’ section talks about a supplier of bandwidth for the Pirate Bay and legal issues. The point is in my opinion, Flattr needs to hurry up and finish beta, open up and get a really good user base from all genres. They also need to make content easier to discover and Flattr. The homepage is full of stuff that doesn’t make sense.

Do I expect to still be using Flattr in one years time? At this rate: No.


  1. Thilo July 16, 2010 at 03:04 - Reply

    Hi, thanks for the info, and also for writing from the viewpoint of someone who wants to spend money using flattr (most other posts are about making money).

    Would you mind sharing your detailed flattr-revenue.csv? I have started collecting these, in the interest of transparency and statistical analysis. Hopefully flattr will make it an option to directly show these numbers on their site.

    “Do I expect to still be using Flattr in one years time? At this rate: No.”
    Sad to hear, but maybe you are underestimating the growth rate. Flattr seems to be spreading quite rapidly (even though it is still in invite-only beta). A year down the road, there should be all kinds of content available.

    And even if flattr does not get adopted in a major way, as long as three or four of the sites you want to support are on it, 2 Euro a month are justified.

    • Anphicle July 16, 2010 at 10:03 - Reply

      Thanks for pointing out the revenue report! It turns out I had one click at 13cents and three 1c clicks. I don’t know if I want to share the exact amounts I will get for July yet.

  2. Christoffer July 16, 2010 at 05:30 - Reply

    Seriously, did you expect any more for a couple of lousy blog posts? I mean, come on! This thing is much more likely to bring in the big bucks to general homepages, free softwares, free music (instead of having the donate to support us-paypal link) not for a crappy blog post containing nothing valueble or especially interesting. Hope you don’t get offended, but hey, there’s tons of things I’d rather flattr then your blog posts.

    • Anphicle July 16, 2010 at 09:58 - Reply

      Excellent point Christoffer but it wasn’t just about the money I made.

      This month has been completely different in both my discoveries and rewards and understanding of how Flattr works. I will post again about my experiences for July. I think I am happy with Flattr again.

  3. andreas_p July 26, 2010 at 10:18 - Reply


    Yes you did not get THAT amount of money for filling your website with blog posts…
    Just wait…
    Because of Now (in Beta) Flattr is known only to the geek crowd and (some journalists).
    Geeks are right, Free Software products should be rated much higher then simple “site presentations”…. (but only for them)
    Average Joe User (when it’s open) could find your info’s good and valueable.
    Don’t give up to early, besides I know what I write about, I had the same with attention…

    cheers, bye, yours truly …andreas_p

  4. Urban Sundström August 1, 2010 at 12:02 - Reply

    Hello !

    I like your posts very much, and I agree with andreas_p. Just wait until the beta finished and there will be more activity.

    Regards, Urban

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