How to Cancel a Paypal Subscription

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Finding how to cancel a Paypal Subscription or Payment Agreement is not easy at all. The reason being Paypal gets paid every time you use their service. And though you should be able to cancel a subscription or recurring payment through the vendor/merchant it isn’t always possible. Sometimes you may not even notice payments made for subscriptions unless you check your bank statements finely. Not all Paypal merchants send emails or notifications that you are sending them money. Personally I get some Paypal emails notifying of subscription payments but not for all – strange. Anyhow here is where to go to cancel Paypal subscriptions, even if you don’t want to cancel any automatic payments now, this might be of use for you if you want to know just how many forgotten subscriptions you have authorised.

Instructions How To Cancel Automatic Paypal Payments or Subscriptions

  1. Go to Paypal and login
  2. From the ‘My Account’ page, (the first you land on after logging in) choose ‘Profile’ on the second row of links. Ignore the drop-down list, this is an incomplete list of all the subtopics. Remember, Paypal don’t want to make it easy for you to cancel payments. I’ll bet if you were browsing Paypal looking for the right page before searching how to do it, this is where you got lost.
  3. How to cancel Paypal subscriptions

  4. Under ‘Financial Summary’ (middle column) click on ‘My pre-approved payments’. A list of your subscriptions will appear.
  5. How to stop automatic Paypal payments

  6. Click on the subscription you want to cancel to open that subscription’s individual page. Go for ‘cancel’ and confirm on the next page.

Et-voila, that pesky merchant can’t do anything to grab your cash as you have instructed Paypal not to authorise automatic payments. Remember though if you are under contract to pay for goods or services you may still receive demands for payment. But at least it isn’t being taken without your approval.

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  1. Joey D May 11, 2011 at 00:01 - Reply

    Excellent post. I had about 40 subscriptions and most of which I didn’t know were there. Fortunately only a few dollars a month was for stuff I didn’t need. Paypal are arseholes.

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