How To Make A Funny Viral Photo In 2010

Anphicle May 5, 2010 0

It seems the trend lately for funny images on the web is to slap text on as if the photograph subject is talking. Fair enough people have been doing this for years but it seems every picture i stumble upon, particularly on StumbleUpon, is in this fashion. The age of the Demotivationals are gone I think and now we have these ‘quotimages’ but with particular rules, which I shall state. But first here are some examples.

look-at-this-duck-look-at-it motivational poster

Here is the crossover from demotivational to quotimage. It is possibly the most famous quotimage going and possibly the first. It is not a true demotivational because it doesn’t have a saying or slogan. It is the Giraffe speaking. Everybody finds it fresh and hilarious and so cue the quotimage generation.

Shark: What The Fuck Are You Doing

Probably not a famous one but I reblogged this on tumblr not so long ago so it was fresh for me to include here. Plus, I can’t be bothered finding more.

1. Choose A Mundane Funny Pic

You must pick a pic with an animal or something that looks as if it has a mouth and a voice. Robots are popular with nerds or a house that looks like a face could do. Here is an image I just found of a seagull on a sign that says “No Seagulls”. Quite what the sign means in the first place and who it is aimed at I don’t know but I shall presume it wasn’t trying to communicate with the avian community.


2. Don’t Frame It or Change It

Don’t alter it in anyway. Everybody is an expert in photoshop these days, it isn’t the impressive aspect anymore.

3. Think of A Funny Phrase

The nerdier, simplest and childish the better. Nobody wants to read something the length of a Shakespeare classic or something as unfunny as Steve Martin. Also don’t include any references to popular culture that might alienate different races and nationalities who don’t get it.

3.2 Put “Fuck” Or Another Swearword Somewhere

You just have to or it just won’t be cool. You want to be fucking cool right?

3.3 Remove Grammar & Make Spelling Mistakes

This is the internet, you want people to look at it, closely. This also attracts comments from the Grammar Nazis and perfectionists.

This is my image. I’ve gone for “Im A Seagull Nobody Tells Me What The Fuck To Do” an alternative I could have done was “Fuck You! I Sit Where I Want.”

4. Publish It & Share It

Et Voila, sit back and wait. If it is successful it will work for itself because people will want to be the first to blog it, share it in their network etc. You can always help start the motion by submitting it
to your favourite link sharing site/4Chan/Flickr group whatever. After which you have done your work so move on to step 5.

5. Do Something Constructive

Go and put as much effort into World Peace or save the rainforest. Speaking of which, why am I writing this crap.

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