How To Stop Facebook Sharing Your Personal Information

Anphicle March 2, 2011 0

There is a way to prevent Facebook from either selling your personal information to third parties or using it in situations you may not be aware of. This also ensures security with your data and stops it getting in the wrong hands. Don’t put your personal information on Facebook if you don’t want them to have it. I think that was loud and clear.

Now I must say that if you use Facebook and you are happy proceeding with uploading all your holiday pictures and updating your location all the time then please go ahead. This is not a militant campaign against Facebook users, I am just sick and tired of hearing of, meeting and knowing people who carry on using it yet have concerns about who has access to their data. I did vow not to write another post on this topic again because I seem to whittle on about Facebook and privacy, yet I still manage to surround myself with those who continue to moan about the consequences of their own actions.

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