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Anphicle May 10, 2010 0

I quit using Facebook about 6 months ago for reasons which I shall explain, though they fall into two categories, Friends and Facebook. I say I quit though I do still log on about once a fortnight, mainly to snoop on people who don’t acknowledge that what they share is open to so many people. It’s also the only contact method I have with 2 or 3 interesting people but in all honesty if my account was deleted today I would not miss it.
I’ll admit I’m not the average FB user, but that seems to be the cause and effect of my withdrawal.

BTW, I wrote this a few weeks ago but delayed posting as I don’t feel it’s complete. There may be a part 2, there probably won’t.


We Lost Contact For A Reason

Apart from still getting the odd moron I once spoke to about 10 years ago sending friend requests, the days of reconnections seem to be over. But why is it important to have so many old friends back in your life? After the initial “Hey what you up to? Haven’t seen you since…” you don’t speak to most people again. The only two reasons those old friend requests come in are people being nosey and you boost their friends count. Most of the time the people that add you have 639 friends, it’s just a popularity contest.

I Reaaaaally Do Not Care

This is the biggest gripe I have with FB, people can post some shite I care very little about. There are the occasional interesting snippets I will appreciate but that is a very small number. Here are items copy and pasted from my feed that have no impact on my life whatsoever, except pure disdain and annoyance.

“Wat a day , absolutely awesome !!!”
OK but why? Would you like to emphasise or are you trolling for a friend to ask, then reply “It Just Is”. Shut Up.

I’m in the Pub!
Reply Comment
“So am I, I can see you”
Put your phones away fuckwits, buy each other a beer and act normal.

Youtube Video – Shitty Pop Band
We have so little in common, why are we doing this?

Photo Album
UPDATED – The I think I can do conceptual photography album
Yippee, even more of the shittest photos I’ve ever seen

Photo Album
“Pics from last nite”
Fuck me theres 300 pictures of this drunken shit. I can make out about 3. And no boobs.

Jonny joined The “I have an addiction to Facebook groups” Group
It’s not even funny anymore

Randomhead is now friends with Evenrandomerhead

You get the point.

Why Am I Doing This?

I have a few people in my friends list I forgot were there because they have never said anything or used the site at all. People being nosey.

I used to share a lot of things on Facebook, the occasional written note, links, videos etc and about 2% of the time somebody might reply or interact. Why was it all one way communication? This goes back to me not caring about others, they don’t care about my banter either – reason being: we aren’t that great friends..

Friends Summary

Nobody Cares! Nobody cared for me and my stuff and I don’t care for them. I don’t mind admitting I have few friends on Facebook because I know it’s universal. Could the next big social media site invite people with similar interests to be friends? No, that’s a dating site.

Facebook, Privacy & Commercialisation

Facebook was the first site that I got into that used the tactic of acquiring new users by getting braindead morons to submit their email contact lists. The user-site relationship was doomed from the start.

Tell Us About Yourself, We Will Sell You Your Interests.

I stripped all information off my profile as soon as they started targeting me in an aggressive manner. I don’t mind generic ads to pay for the service but allowing advertisers to target me based on my location, age, gender, interests, education etc is a bit wrong for me. It feels like an intrusion, wrong. Maybe not everybody would agree it just feels wrong. Perhaps I’m missing out on a great product or service because I didn’t shout about a subject.

I also quit following pages as soon as I started one. As soon as personal information goes walkabout it’s time to worry. Maybe people don’t care, maybe some don’t know but if you make a connection with a ‘page’, that company or person has demographic information on you. Call me old fashioned and repetitive, but it’s just wrong.

We Own Your Photos. We Own Your Privacy.

No you don’t, piss off. Actually this was blown out of proportion by the press. Facebook were essentially asking you for permission to display the photos or videos which is a legal obligation, chill. But what I hate is that if I delete an image, it will stay on their servers forever. If I shout a status in anger, then retract it. It too will stay on forever, and we all know that technology fucks up sometimes. I spent months trying again and again to hide my email address from my profile, eventually it got fixed. I have zero faith that my deleted items will not show up again. But why should they delete this valuable info anyway, they can use that as it is still content to profile you.

The Centralised Web Thang

I’m thinking of writing a post on my fears of a centralised web but it is such a vast topic to cover. For those flummoxed, basically it means that very few web services exist. There is only one search engine – Google, one video sharing site – Youtube (Google again), one social media site – FB etc. Facebook grew really fast and well by managing to recruit new users easily, ensure there was no spam accounts, everybody had to use their real names, profiles were easy to read (unlike Myspace) and information was easily shared. They also did well out of API and Facebook Mark Up Language integration on other sites which ensured their continued growth. Buying the competition such as Friendfeed helped too. I hate lack of choice or competition, or seeing people do too well.

Post Summary

You’ll be glad to know I cut much of the mundane stuff but the reason I quit Facebook is because I understand it. Many don’t.

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