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Anphicle May 18, 2011 0

I’ve resisted installing Google Chrome before because I don’t trust G one smidgen with regards to tracking my surfing habits and personal data, something they do that was confirmed to me when I discovered Iron browser. Though this is made using Chromium, the open source code that Chrome is based on, the developers can guarantee privacy by cutting out all the nastiness of Google.

It really is a cracking browser, fast to load, fast to render and there are no glitches or bugs I have noticed so far. Opera has rendering and stability issues, Safari crashes about once a week for me, IE9 is a joke and because I have so many plugins installed in Firefox it takes a few weeks to load. So far I hadn’t been able to find the perfect browser but now I have found Iron I am ecstatic. What a revelation!

Obviously you have all heard of Chrome so I won’t bang on about the extensions, usability or any other features. Rather I will highlight the privacy issues I have with Chrome that Iron… irons out.

Search or URL Suggestions

Typing in the Chrome address bar returns search or URL suggestions based on what people are typing. I hate this not just because it is a waste of teeny tiny bandwidth nor because it hints at a closed internet but because it is really annoying when the screen flashes as you type.

URL Typo Hijacking

This does my nut in. If you misspell the address you get taken to Google. Iron will simply show a fail screen which is what I want. It doesn’t waste Internet connection nor changes what you had typed so you can go back and correct without having the irrelevance and interruption of visiting Google. Sorry, but not all of us have lightning fast connections and that IS the way it is.

Calling Home

Using Chrome, Google know when you downloaded it from and where. They know when you installed it, they know what extensions you are using. They know. And the disgusting thing is they claim to care about privacy. Iron doesn’t abuse this position.

Google F*cking Updater

What is this sh*t? Iron just gives you a great browser.

Download and check Iron out

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