Merton The Chat Roulette Piano Improv Mans Lyrics Secrets

Anphicle April 3, 2010 0

I know I’m a tad obsessed with Chat Roulette at the moment and it takes up an unhealthy amount of time, I am also overly impressed by Merton the Chat Roulette Piano Impov guy. I’ve even gone so far as to record the “We Might Get Kicked Off The Computer Song” for my phones ring-tone, which is funny in the middle of the supermarket when the first thing you hear is SHIT! Anyway, by watching these videos over and over again I have noticed the frequent use of rhyming the word Hand with Planned. Check em out…

Chat Roulette Funny Piano Improv #1


Reclining dude in a white tank top
Leaning his head on his hands
Semi Italian looking
just like his parents had planned


Whatever you say to her
She’s gonna make hearts with her hand
Just like I planned

Chat Roulette Funny Piano Improv #2


Are you brushing your teeth
What you got in your hand there
It’s really not what I planned there

So there you have it. A little odd really, the fact that I have decided to talk about this. I’m just waiting for video #3 to emerge now and see if he uses those rhymes again. Peace.

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