MP Database; A Parliamentary IMDB

Anphicle October 4, 2010 0

"A Politician Database, something like IMDB where you can see a list of all the politicians and their backgrounds and see what they are actually doing with their time, that’s the site I will make to get rich and famous!"

The above is just one of a thousand thoughts I have every month that I think will make a brilliant website but as soon as I research the idea I see it already exists. And in an attempt to mention and learn about more British Websites, today I present which is exactly what I described, a Parliamentarian Database.

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The site keeps tracks and tabs of all goings on in The Houses of Parliament including debates, votes and bills but by far the most interesting feature, the part of the site most people will jump straight to, is the MP search. You can enter your postcode and it will tell you who your MP is (useful if you didn’t know) and what they have voted on in Parliament. This is great for not only making sure your constituent representative is doing something at all, and what kind of interests they are raising.

There are also links to other features such as writing to your MP, or join a mailing list to know whenever your MP has done something of significance. You can even find out what it is exactly the House of Lords do and who they are.

Unfortunately the site looks old, old as in 5 years ago though it is kept thoroughly up to date. If it had the ability for users to comment and contribute content like a politician wiki it would be so much better.

But as for my fame and fortune I will cross out that idea of an MP database and let those in the field keep at it. I even had MPDB in mind for the name. Oh well, another groundbreaking idea will be along shortly.

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