My New Tweet Policy

Anphicle October 5, 2010 0

I have a new attitude to what I tweet following my social shutdown contemplation at the weekend. After wondering whether I should shut down completely from the social web I have realised what a stupid idea that would be, the web is social by default. But I have come out with a more grown up attitude to being social and what I share on the web.

My new Twitter Policy is based on this thought. I currently have 82 followers, imagine if they were all gathered together in an auditorium. There’s a big weight of expectation and the room falls silent as I walk in wearing my best suit and onto the stage. I am here to deliver a short message of only 140 characters, everybody in the audience will leave as soon as I have finished, though depending on my words some may stay to ask a question or nod in agreement. I place my hands onto a lecturn, lean towards a microphone and deliver this, my message.

“Got any RummyD Mum?”

If that situation were real, my followers would leave and not return. Whilst I’m left on stage laughing at my own joke waiting for a laugh from the silence, everybody is already in the next room, perhaps tweeting to their followers.

Ever since I scaled down tweeting of this type of mundane shit on Saturday, I’ve thought of a 1000 things I would have normally tweeted, e.g. “Liverpool are shit hahaha” but it would not have held any purpose in tweetdom.

So from now on all my Tweets will be bloody awesome. They will at least be directed at somebody or inspire a debate or encourage reply. There will be less opinionated stuff and certainly less timewasting tweets-to-self such as that above. I’ve found productivity has certainly gone up, and I’m not even trying to be productive at anything. It’s a personal attitude that is changing mainly. Awesome!

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