Piano Improv Merton Back Again With New Video (from 2 Months Ago)

Anphicle September 1, 2010 0

Merton the Chat Roulette Piano Improv Guy is back again with a third video, OK I’ll admit it I missed this one despite subscribing to his YT video channel. It was posted 2 months ago yet it seems it hasn’t had the publicity his first two videos found when posted at the height of Chat Roulette interest in March and April.

Although Merton’s videos are still very funny, the lack of sharing and attention the 3rd video has had goes to show that interest in ChatRT has tailed off, and changes being made to the video chat site have only seemed to deter participants more as the anonymity goes, along with real users. We only see Chat Roullette making headlines now for being part of film publicity and the constant barrage of dicks. I don’t play anymore and trying Omegle (as demonstrated by Merton), only got me a naked man jerking off so I left quickly. Where can Merton take his talents now? Let’s all wait for the next big thing to come along.

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