How Prince William & Kate Use The Internet

Anphicle April 28, 2011 0

You brain-dead moron, could you not find something better to do than follow that headline?

But this post was born from two parents, partly the pathetic connections people are finding between their products and the Royal Wedding, but also because I’ve wanted to vent about the ‘post now, post anything’ culture of blogging that has become normal for big blogs and is also becoming standard strategy for online newspapers.

I think AOL enhanced this problem when they bought Huffington Post and installed Huffington herself in charge of all the output of the blogs AOL had acquired. Her strategy being – post, post, post. Personally, I think putting somebody in charge of ‘creative content’ who became famous for being an aggregator of news says it all. It doesn’t matter what you write, just make sure the title is catchy and post it.

Sadly people seem to be OK with this. The days of the unknown blogger are over and just as how the web is dead so too is finding new people to follow. People want a smaller Internet with fewer services and that means they are missing out. Instead of reading an experts blog, they are content with news output from a poorly researched post written by some poorly paid hack at some disregard-for-output organisation like AOL.

Unless it is a newspaper, in which case the problem is the same. I subscribe to the Technology feed from The Guardian. It used to create 2 or 3 quality posts a day, now I have to sift through car reviews and other obscure posts to get to the meat. Tonight I decided to actually read a post about how one reporter hates Twitter because footballers are on it and they make money Tweeting links and endorsements. Don’t follow them then you stupid bitch, that’s why Twitter is good.

I won’t lie. I wrote this post to follow that sentiment of post anything, post now. Don’t worry though it is more of an experiment than a strategy I will follow. I have written this without thinking through what the post would say and I won’t go back to edit it in at all. I know it didn’t make sense, lacked any real argument and may even had meandered off topic. Just like a post on any big blog.

Oh and if you were wondering; I’d imagine Prince William and Kate also have Internet phones and laptops just like you and me. They aren’t that medieval.

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