Privacy Policy does not care who you are or why you are here. OK we do care you are here, but not in a military dictator style form of observation. Some data provided by you is stored for the purpose of statistics. This data may include your IP address, browser details and referrer information should you choose to provide it. No personal data is demanded by force by and we have no desire to start up such a service in future, with the exception of the email subscription service.

Visitors who choose to sign up to for email subscriptions must provide an email address. This email address is not sold/given to a third party, or stored in such a manner that a third party should have access to it.

If you choose to leave a comment, you must provide a name and email address. If you have privacy concerns then make one up, just as most spammers do anyway. This requirement is a built in feature of the publishing platform I use and I cannot do much about it. Be aware though that you cannot receive optional email follow ups with a fake address.

Comments left on will be displayed at the discretion and choice of the administrators, and may be edited. No comment deserves the right to be published – End of.

Any outbound hyperlinks are not controlled or officially recommended by Your presence on external sites cannot be blamed on Though no nasty sites would ever be knowingly linked to, the web is a strange place and strange occurrences could exist.

This Privacy Policy was updated at 18:00 on 19th October 2010. Any questions, remarks or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy may be emailed to a@thisdomain