QuickPlug: Realtime Ship Tracking Maps

Anphicle May 16, 2011 0

Following on from the flight tracking maps post I can now present to you maps of live shipping courtesy of marinetraffic.com. The principle is the same, you visit the site and there is a Google Map with the overlay of the live positions of where boats are.

To me this isn’t as addictive as the plane maps because I don’t live near the coast but it is fascinating to see the amount of boats that are using the waves, especially passing through the busy English Channel heading to the port of Rotterdam or around the islands of Singapore.

Realtime Ship Maps

If Ship Tracking does intrigue you and you want to use the maps like a pro then check out the guide and options on the left hand side.

You can filter the display of different types of ship and if you know the name of a particular ship and want to find it there is a search box. Check the ‘show ship names’ box to label the ships’ names.

So there, if you have a maritime interest have fun tracking boats.

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