Why is Reddit So Good

Anphicle August 7, 2011 0

Reddit is a unique site that has been a staple of my daily web diet for ages. Though I had known about the site for some time beforehand I had never become a part of the community until last year when I truly understood the brilliance of finding interesting subreddits. And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there, I’ll you why I became the fan of Reddit that I am.

But First – What Is Reddit?

Many would call Reddit a Content Discovery Network, most would call it a site to find stuff to look at on the web. Though a lot of older Redditors still call it a Social News Aggregator, Reddit themselves now call it a ‘source for what’s new and popular on the web’. Just about anything can be submitted by anybody and users can vote if they approve or not of that link/story/post. If the post is popular it will hang around for longer and more people will see it. The site isn’t new at all, it is 5 years old but is enjoying popularity like never, helped by Digg losing users by proving how not to run a CDN.


One unique thing about Reddit is that you don’t need to build a huge list of friends or followers to get the best out of it, despite it being labelled a ‘social’ site. Though the feature exists to add friends should you find somebody you just can’t cope without knowing their every move, I have zero friends and find absolutely no reason to add any.

The community is very grown up too in internet terms. Though there are the odd childish remarks, spammers and trolls, these are all generally frowned upon by the community. Pointless comments like yelling ‘first’ or being needlessly racist or offensive just doesn’t wash with the Reddit faithful. This is the most beautiful quality of Reddit and something the site’s owners should be thankful for.


Subreddits are similar to categories, or mini-communities centered around a theme and there are thousands. You can subscribe to Subreddits that interest you and unsubscribe from the ones that annoy you. The Reddit homepage features the top/new/controversial posts that are submitted in the Subreddits you are subscribed to. There is little reason for something to pop up that doesn’t appeal to you.
This is what makes Reddit awesome. You can follow subreddits on your town for local issues and news, your favourite hobby or just random themes. Have a look for subreddits that interest you, it’ll probably exist. And if it doesn’t start it yourself.

Despite being owned by a big media organisation, Reddit have a really great attitude when it comes to making money off the site. They don’t sell out to cheap adverts and those who wish to pay for the site can do, even though you don’t really get anything for it, ‘Reddit Gold’ is incredibly popular.

If you aren’t on Reddit, at least give it a go but don’t tell anybody I sent you. It’s a secret organisation!

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