SeeSaw Offer No Ads VOD

Anphicle November 29, 2010 0

Last night I noticed whilst watching comedy on Seesaw a new feature I may have inspired. In my Seesaw Review I wrote how the Video on Demand service should switch to a subscription style revenue system instead of the pay-per-episode method. I also wrote that the ads were a bit annoying. OK they haven’t done exactly that but they have combined the suggestions to offer the free videos advert-free for a small monthly fee.

I don’t know when it started but SeeSaw Nonstop offers 3500 hours of free TV programming without any commercials. The Premium TV shows still attract the one-off pay-per-view/series fees, so you are basically paying to remove the adverts on those shows that are otherwise available free and without registration. It is a great offer, especially if you are a frequent viewer of videos on the site. The normal price of Seesaw Nonstop is £2.99 per month though there is a trial offer on at the moment of 99p for December.

So did Seesaw take my advice and offer an intermediary? No, probably not, but at least they have offered something people want.

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