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Anphicle July 16, 2011 2

So Spotify has launched in the US, only not fully open it seems. I just noticed on the news feed on the ‘what’s new’ page that Spotify invites are like gold dust and more will be released ‘next week’. First of all next week is no good, and an invite system for a paid service is pretty cheap, unless it’s only the free ‘Spotify Open’ that requires an invite. If you want my advice just shell out for the Premium or Unlimited services, you won’t ever go back.

But if you do want a Spotify Invite, just give me a nod in the comments, twitter or Google+. I have 16 to use up on some poor people who want in on the world’s best music streaming service. Priority will be given to those who follow me, subscribe, like me or give me praise. :)

If you are wondering why Spotify are using the tried and tested invite system you may be interested in reading that post. For more of a review of Spotify try here.

Meanwhile let’s hope Spotify launching in the US will help them in their negotiations with labels and we can start listening to some of the few remaining artists and bands that aren’t on Spotify yet. Will we ever see the Beatles? Time will tell.


  1. brenda July 25, 2011 at 11:20 - Reply

    Hi can i pls get one ? thank you so much!

    • Anphicle July 25, 2011 at 14:58 - Reply

      Hi Brenda, I tried sending the Spotify Invite, but it looks like you’re already in! If not, try commenting with another email address.

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