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I never really posted a proper Spotify Review but a post explaining why I downgraded from Premium to Unlimited. An addendum to that post should read that Spotify will automatically choose local files rather than wasting bandwidth. Well to update you, for the past few months I have been Premium and I intend to keep it that way. I won’t bore you with a full review or my yoyo package choosing but in this post I have some notes on Spotify I would like to share – call it a mini Spotify Review or maybe an open letter to Spotify.

Shuffle on artist page plays other artists on compilation albums

On an artist page you have a list of the artists album, usually in reverse chronological order, then single releases, then mixed artist compilation albums the artist appears on. These ‘features on’ albums can play music completely unrelated to the style of music of your chosen artist. This is annoying. It means when you want to listen to random songs of an artists catalogue you get so many unrelated tracks playing that you have to skip all the time. The only way around this at the moment is to create a playlist and drag the artists albums into it.

There Should Be an Equaliser

I mainly listen with headphones and as my ears aren’t as useful as they once were, I like to do a bit of EQ tweaking. Other times I use my laptop speakers with the approx 1Khz band so high in comparison to the bass and mids that it sounds like metal spoons banging on metal pans in an aluminium can crushing plant. It would be nice to mellow this down. I think this could make a good Premium feature as you are already paying for better quality streaming. Currently the only option is to use third party software between Spotify and the speakers but it should be done at the source.

There Should be a Remove Duplicates Option

Sometimes a particular song will appear twice when you search a track and want to hear different artists interpretation of it. Also it is possible to listen to the same song twice in a row if the artist has a Greatist Hits album on Spotify as well as the original. You may not want to remove remixes or live versions but surely duplicate tracks with the exact same title and length can be removed.

Spotify helps find new artists

There is no doubt about it that the related artists is useful and browsing music using Spotify can be just as addictive as browsing the web. Before long you forget how long you have spent listening to various things and BAM! you’re late for work. Not only is the related artists good at this, I also have a habit of searching for songs containing certain words. For example I am going to Atlanta in a few weeks so browsing for songs about Atlanta and Georgia have sent procrastination levels soaring.

Spotify is legal and stifles Piracy but artists don’t benefit

My 120 per year Spotify Premium subscription is more money invested in the music industry than I have previously ever spent put together. I’ll be honest where this money goes is irrelevant to me, as long as it is legal who cares? According to the link artists need over 4 million plays a month on Spotify to make US minimum wage. That is a lot. But, CD’s are dead, there is more choice than ever and IMO Joss Stone has hit the absolute nail on artists, sharing music and live shows (though talking about piracy not Spotify revenue).

Comedy on Spotify

I first realised Spotify was beyond music when searching for a music track by the comedian Billy Connolly when I noticed whole comedy shows were on there too. Searching quickly for comedians there is also comedy by Jim Davidson, Chris Rock, Jasper Carrott, Robin Williams and Eddie Murphy.

There should be an Internet Radio stations ‘module’

How awesome would it be if Spotify was like a media centre where you could tune in to internet radio stations. This could even be a way for Spotify to make some money (after all they aren’t making a profit). I think users would enjoy this especially with hyperlocal radio.

Plugins (or ‘Apps’ for you new-jargonists)

I’ve just noticed the web goodies page which amongst links to Spotify fan sites/forums, has links to unofficial browser plugins that aid with search, sharing and scrobbling with All of these are good and well but Spotify should open up to plugin developers for things like these, or for when somebody needs an Equaliser! Maybe there could be sound effects plugins or something people should actually use. Or is this a limited suggestion. Either way I shouldn’t imagine Spotify would do it, they like to keep tight control of the music for licensing security reasons.

Shortly I will release another post on how to search for stuff on Spotify. If this appeals to you subscribe by email, RSS Feeds or follow me on Twitter.

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  1. JP March 3, 2011 at 17:09 - Reply

    I like the choice on Spotify but have to have a good internet conection to use. I prefer to download music and have files on my pc so can burn them too take them away from computer.

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