Tabloid Watch; Because The Papers Are Full Of Crap

Anphicle November 3, 2010 0

I want to give a shout out to one of my favourite blogs, Tabloid Watch. They do a brilliant job of pointing out how the British tabloid newspapers are full of shit by highlighting poor journalism, fact checking and even where there is no story at all behind the journo’s own opinions.

I imagine keeping an eye on the newspapers is a similar vein-popping job to sifting files and documents at Wikileaks. If I was doing it I would probably start breaking things in a rage filled fury, shouting out ‘Why are people buying this crap?’ Luckily for my temper I haven’t bought a tabloid for about 10 years (figuratively and literally).

Tabloid Watch Blog

I’ll be honest though I don’t always read every post because if you’re not caught up in the world of celebrity or immigrant bashing that constitutes a tabloid diet than you don’t have to keep up with the idiocy of the writers. But I do appreciate that Tabloid Watch are doing it.

It also highlights the big reason to ditch print media. The difference between news consumption on the web and in the papers is the interactivity. People on the web can point out instantly a mistake, or slam a story on Social Networking sites and then they move on. But print media can get away with feeding gullible people shit because there is no comeback, but for the letters and acknowledgment pages, which are often weeks out of date.

So if you are the kind of person who likes blogs and common sense then check out Tabloid Watch.

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