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Piano Improv Merton Back Again With New Video (from 2 Months Ago)

Anphicle September 1, 2010 0

Merton the Chat Roulette Piano Improv Guy is back again with a third video, OK I’ll admit it I missed this one despite subscribing to his YT video channel. It was posted 2 months

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Why Chat Roulette Is So Popular and Why Investors Would Ruin It

Anphicle June 13, 2010 0

Chat Roulette is a very popular video chat site where you cannot choose who you chat with. If you don't want to talk with the person you are matched with you click on

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Merton The Chat Roulette Piano Improv Mans Lyrics Secrets

Anphicle April 3, 2010 0

I know I’m a tad obsessed with Chat Roulette at the moment and it takes up an unhealthy amount of time, I am also overly impressed by Merton the Chat Roulette Piano Impov guy.

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Chat Roulette Hat Game Screenshots

Anphicle March 25, 2010 0

These pics are from ChatRT again. They are of the Chat Roulette Hat Game, where strangers are asked to find a more interesting hat then me. The 2 rules to the chat roulette hat

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Chat Roulette Props Game

Anphicle March 24, 2010 0

I’ve been giving Chat Roulette a go for about 2 weeks now and when I’m feeling wierd I play the props game. You grab anything you have to hand and play. It doesn’t really

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