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The Most Annoying Thing About Facebook

Anphicle October 2, 2010 0

I don’t often log into Facebook, there are many reasons why, but today I logged in to see what was up and was not surprised to see little had changed. This image will describe

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Is #newtwitter The Beginning Of The End?

Anphicle September 29, 2010 0

#newtwitter isn't just a redesign of the website, it is also a new era for the business side of Twitter. A new era of cash cowing is imminent and I'm worried it could force

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Celebrities On Twitter

Anphicle September 27, 2010 0

Dear Celebrities on Twitter, how vain can you get? Following Celebrities on Twitter is also really pathetic thinking about it.

There's an issue here that really bugs me about famous people being on Twitter

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The Twitter Song

Anphicle April 7, 2010 0

Get Into Something by The Isley Brothers is the definitive Twitter song (that doesn’t directly reference any microblogging social sites). The song is all about me, me, me and isn’t that what Tweeting is

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