Temporary Email Facts & Guerrilla Mail

Anphicle June 9, 2010 1

Temporary Email services like Guerrilla Mail allow users to set up a temporary email address for receiving unimportant email such as when signing up at a throwaway website or when privacy is at risk with a website which may publish your email address.

I’ve been using Temporary Email for years for accessing content on the web where web-masters insist you have to subscribe to a mailing list first. Site owners do this not only to exaggerate readership figures but more importantly for repeat communication with you to return to their site. Also, they may sell their email contact lists regardless of privacy policies. It is the web after all.

Today I visited Guerrilla Mail again for this purpose and noticed the statistics they have put up. At the time of writing this they have received 62,624,604 emails of which (they consider) 4,464,899 were wanted mail. That’s an astonishing 93% spam rate. That is why the services exist.

Several temporary email services exist but I like Guerilla Mail because it is fast and is quite good at kicking out the crap and recognising the good. If you try any though be careful with what personal details you are sending in an email.

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