The Most Annoying Thing About Facebook

Anphicle October 2, 2010 0

I don’t often log into Facebook, there are many reasons why, but today I logged in to see what was up and was not surprised to see little had changed. This image will describe the number one reason I hate the site. There is a limit to what kind of updates you need about your friends, and these are the things that really piss me off. You wouldn’t expect somebody to tell you in real life that they have a friend you don’t know, or that they had a dull conversation last night. Facebook really need to sort this out.

I don't know these people, get them out of my feeds.

The issue is a mix of general Privacy, or the lack of it, and User Interface (UI). Facebook broadcasts by default and it’s up to your friends to change the setting so they don’t sound off every minute detail about their existence.

Dear Facebook: we don’t need to know when people talk to each other, add new friends or any other rubbish that is not direct (or a possible lead to) interaction between me and a person. Not hard to do.

Excuse me whilst I congratulate my friend on adding somebody new.

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