The Obligatory Google+ Post

Anphicle July 11, 2011 0

Google+ blah blahdy blah. I’m in no way knocking it but it has to be made clear to those not on it that there is nothing new about Google+, it is a mash-up of most social networks already out there. But because I haven’t written a post in a while and because I’m sick of other ‘hey it’s content’ posts about Google+, I thought why not write about my views on it.

The Google+ Pluses.

So far the best feature Google have over other social networks is control of your own data and the ability to channel it to the right people. Though not perfect, as the project is still in ‘beta’ there are some still controls missing. I hope G+ heads forward with a user-friendly attitude to privacy. I was a little skeptical at first to open a public profile with an account that already knows so much more about me then I thought it did.

The Google+ Minuses

Basically, it’s just more of the same mindless posts and status updates found on every social network going. ‘Soandso has changed their profile picture’ is apparently still a worthy addition to your stream. And as I’m close to quitting Tumblr because I don’t want dull, uninteresting arty-farty pictures in my stream I worry G+ will be just the same. That’s why Twitter worked, people had to be concise and I had the option to explore further. I don’t have time to scroll past pictures of sunsets, or videos of puppies and the 10’s of comments from people I don’t know – this isn’t good. I know you’re saying ‘don’t follow them’ but I may be friends with people but not care for their shares. What G+ needs is the ability to turn off the stream people kick out, either at contact or circle level.

Who uses Google+

At the moment only nerds, tech head and Googleboys use Google+. In a years time I expect this to be the same case. Kelly the slag behind the bar says ‘Facebook me’ not ‘Google+’ me, because her friends are on Facebook, and her friends are on Facebook because everybody is on Facebook. And most people don’t have a problem with Facebook. Sure Google+ is a bit prettier and easier to use but it isn’t doing anything that can’t be done on Facebook. 500 million, (or 750 million, or 1 billion) Facebook users aren’t going to jump up and leave. People who have quit Facebook have mainly finished with ‘Social’, that chapter in Internet use is dead to them. People want their privacy and lives back.

Google have just announced business pages. I call FAIL! They should have built the network and the audience first before commercialising it. This is why the only people on Google+ will be social media experts, professionals, SEO’s and people wanting to be your friend.

Twitter Could Grow

Google have stopped using links on Twitter as recommendations for content to include in its search index. For this reason is why so many people Tweet playing the social game to get visitors. If all these people disappear and start using Google+, complete with +1 integration then Google will become a world full of Internet marketeers, bloggers and yet more ‘social media experts’. Meanwhile, the rest of will be enjoying Twitter again minus all the spam accounts.

If Twitter sorted out its obnoxious recommendation engine and made more prominent use of lists like the way circles work then it would be sweeeet.

I probably have a lot more opinions and thoughts on Google+ but as I stated, this post is mainly just fodder to keep Google happy. Because everything on the Internet revolves around Google you know, including social networking.

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