The Shrinking Internet; I’m Not Alone!

Anphicle May 15, 2011 0

This TED video posted two weeks ago shows Eli Pariser talking sense, partly about dangerous algorithms but mainly the shrinking web and the closing and controlling of the Internet. Now I know that not enough people care about this on a global scale but I am so glad that there are some who do. Not just the person highlighting this but the way the audience responded at the end by rising to their feet shows that people don’t want the Internet to close. They don’t want the Internet to become just another medium that will be owned and by few who would control the flow of Information.

When Pariser mentioned his first impressions of the Internet it reminded me of myself. The Internet should be an egalitarian and democratic nation and it has worked. Look at how the Internet buzz got involved in the Egyptian revolution, the election of a black US president or stupid British media super-injunction laws.

Watch this video even if you think 9 minutes is too long or if I waffle on too much. Just watch it. It has made my day. If you want to delve deeper check out Eli’s website The Filter Bubble.

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