The Twitter Song

Anphicle April 7, 2010 0

Get Into Something by The Isley Brothers is the definitive Twitter song (that doesn’t directly reference any microblogging social sites). The song is all about me, me, me and isn’t that what Tweeting is all about? “Come Follow Me” must be sung about 500 times too, the perfect words. Everybody wants followers after all on Twitter, unless they misunderstanding the purpose of the service. OK there are bots that provide keyword retweeting services and people who do engage in a quick conversation but most tweets are unread blurbs of selfishness. “Read my blog”, “I’m at the gym”, “I think…” etc, etc… By the way, I’m on Twitter. FOLLOW ME!

PS, I’m a massive fan of the Isleys and consider myself lucky I got to see them when they visited the UK a few years before Ronald was put inside for tax dodging. They’ve been recording for over 6 decades now which is remarkable. They have made so many songs that have been covered by others from the Beatles to Ice Cube. Buy a cheap compilation to get started.

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