They Trust Me, Dumb Fucks – Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Anphicle July 22, 2010 0


When I saw the picture on Techcrunch today of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg holding up a sign saying ‘Thanks’, I knew it would be abused. and he would be regretting it. He was saying thanks to the 500 million active Facebook users who are making him a successful billionaire and powerful data center on human privacy credentials, but in future this sign will be saying all sorts of stuff. Anybody with basic photshop skills can enjoy this thanks to the photo I have provided below. I hope I haven’t infringed any copyright by using this photograph, after all I was going off the idea that Zuckerberg put in my head. ‘The web is social by default’.

No Mark, Thank You.

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Zuckerburg Blank canvas

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