Top 10 Bed Intruder Song Covers

Anphicle August 31, 2010 0

I know it’s been a month since Antoine Dodson found fame with his They Rapin Errybody Out Here rant, but the web hasn’t let it lie and so neither will I. The original Bed Intruder Song was first coined, arranged and autotuned by the Gregory Brothers and since then the video has not only helped spread Antoine’s fame but become a hit song in it’s own right.

I know a lot of the people who make cover versions and reaction videos do so to promote their own stuff, but some really do have talent that needs to be shared, so here in constant repetition of the same song, I present to you the best cover videos of the Bed Intruder Song, arranged in no particular order and titled by musical style. In fact some of them aren’t great but are unique so pick and choose which you want to watch. Original lyrics by Antoine and Kelly Dodson, music by the Gregory Brothers.

A Cappella Cover

Tastefully done and with great references to the movements of Dodson.

Big Brass Band

At a practice session where somebody slipped in the music sheets for Bed Intruder and everybody is playing by sight for the first time. Everybody soon gets involved and starts loving it.

Japanese Style with Shamisen

The first cover I saw a few weeks ago with a weird Japanese instrument called a Shamisen. Great musical ear and talent to play.

Smooth Jazz Club style with Stand Up Bass

I love this one although it is so far fetched from the fact that a lady nearly got raped in her own home.

Violin with Beat

Awesomely talented violinist plays over a great modified beat. Definitely worth watching some of his other videos.

Piano Solo

There are loads of piano and guitar covers of the Bed Intruder Song out there but this one is great.

Freestyle Rap

Labelled as the cat remix because they are maybe too shy to appear on camera but it is a unique slant.


Great talent and backbeat but cannot replace the song.

Drum Along

Another percussionists take on the Song, some great timing.

Full Orchestra

Created using a computer using an orchestra library this is a traditionalists creative.

Flute Accompaniment

Just playing along but it’s unique. Bonus eleventh video for this list.

Videos Missed Out

The accordian one, the multitude of voice, piano and guitar covers from fame hungry individuals and weird, weird, weird covers such as the Arabian remix. Don’t forget to buy the original Bed Intruder song off iTunes (if you have it) and support Dodson and the Gregorys.

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