Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts; Who Knew?

Anphicle October 12, 2010 0

Honestly, who knew about Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts? Just by chance I caught sight of the Shortcuts link in the footer, which is now halfway up the page and thought it was shortcut links to about, help, contact pages, that sort of stuff. But no, the #newtwitter has Keyboard Shortcuts for efficient tweeting, navigation and usability – you barely need your mouse at all. They take some time to learn so I will walk you through the most useful shortcuts.

From your Twitter homepage, press J to scroll down through your Tweets, which will be highlighted. Press K to go back up. When you find an interesting one press Enter/Return to see the details of that Tweet. From here press T to Retweet, R to reply, or F to favourite the selected Tweet. Press . (full stop/period) to refresh all tweets and go back to the top.

Can’t be bothered moving your mouse? Press N to write a new Tweet or M to send a Direct Message; you can type the recipients name in the box. / (forward slash) will take you directly to the search box.

Navigation across timelines is possible by pressing G (go?) then the timeline letter. G H will take you to home, G R will go to the replies/@mentions timeline. G P will take you to your profile and G F and G M will head for Favourites and Messages. G U is for Go to User, where a selection box will prompt you to choose which user to go to.

If you forget those at all just type ? to bring up the Keyboard Shortcuts help box. Now be honest, how many of you knew about the keyboard shortcuts on Twitter? Or is it another thing that I have missed out on and find over impressive, because that could quite easily be so.

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