Who Is Reading Your Tweets?

Anphicle December 6, 2010 0

I was thinking today about Tweet Authority, or how loud your tweets are. It is sad to notice that unless you have offline friends, are a charity, big brand or offline celebrity you have very little influence when you look into it. Sure it may say you have 100 followers, but are they reading your Tweets? The reality is most of your followers will not read what you put out there.

Finding new friends on Twitter is getting harder and harder too. People aren’t following other normal people like they did in the old days of Twitter and the ‘suggested users’ panel only recommends those auto-following accounts that follow thousands. But enough of finding followers, what about your current voice?

I came to the realisation that how many people your followers are following is the key to your volume on Twitter. This may be obvious to some but it only hit me today, I was so struck I made this formula.

Your Authority on Twitter = N/How Many Tweeps Each Follower Follows (loop for each of your followers and take the sum total)

(Where N is the number of people you can realistically follow. For me it is about 75 but following 200 quiet people is easier than 5 too-frequent tweeters)

Digging Further into Twitter Analytics for Measuring ‘Authority’

This can get complex. Being followed by only one person who has 20,000 followers could potentially see your Tweets be retweeted to the masses. But that would only be realistic if that follower followed a managable number (N), rather than all 20,000 followers (such as auto follow-back accounts).

If measuring @mentions was important to authority then only one mention instance per account would count. Dragging a conversation over 12 tweets shouldn’t make you sound more important to everybody. But @mentions should count at least once because it proves people are reacting to your Twitter presence.

Activity in #hashtags is also counted in some Twitter Analytics packages. I can’t see how that would contribute to ‘authority’, although it may provide some interesting stats of Twitter use.

Follower Retweet to Tweet Ratio: This could show that your follower pays attention to some Tweets.

What else do you think affects Tweet Authority?

If somebody finds it easy to build I would love to see a tool that would run that test using this formula. I’d like to see how it fares against Klout or any of the other Twitter Analytics services. By the way, all Twitter’s ‘suggested users’ are following 1000s of people (and have 1000s of followers). So if you want to make meaningful friendships, don’t follow these people.

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